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Wataniya - Kuwait

About Wataniya Kuwait

Wataniya is the second largest mobile telecommunications operator in Kuwait: one of the most competitive and fast-paced mobile markets in the Gulf region.  Serving a significant share of Kuwait's mobile customers, Wataniya has built its success on three strategic pillars: offering innovative services, providing excellent network quality and delivering outstanding customer service.

Wataniya Kuwait brings a wide range of prepaid and postpaid mobile voice and data services to individuals and corporate customers. Its data services offer a secure and wireless internet connection which is compatible with laptops, PCs and mobile phones. Wataniya also provides several programs and plans that are designed specifically for different segments of the market. WPro offers business efficiency tools that are ideal for corporate customers. There is Wink, designed mainly for young adults between 12-26 years and gives them discounts at popular stores in Kuwait along with a subsidized voice plan. InTouch is another specialized offering from Wataniya Kuwait targeted to foreigners living in the country; they can benefit from free international minutes every month to their home country. Over and above this, Wataniya Kuwait has introduced several new value added services such as "Follow Me"," and "Friends and Family" that enable customers to optimize their experience with Wataniya.


The Qtel Group holds a 52.5% stake in Wataniya Telecom (NMTC) which is a listed stock on the Kuwait Stock Exchange. NMTC is the legal entity owning shares in Wataniya Maldives, Bravo, Tunisiana, Nedjma and Wataniya Palestine.

Wataniya's achievements

In Kuwait's highly competitive communications marketplace, Wataniya continues to hold a strong market position.  This strong positioning is the result of Wataniya's unrelenting strategic attention to service excellence, supported by its strong in-market brand presence and by a targeted product suite focused on clear market segments.

An important emphasis for Wataniya this year has been rewarding customer loyalty.  Launched in October, 2010, the "Wataniya Rewards Program" provides customers with a range of telecom and non-telecom rewards which are redeemable with local stores, based upon their network usage.  In addition to rewarding loyalty, Wataniya has also paid careful attention this year to ensuring the on-going satisfaction of its subscriber base.  This has taken the form of on-going network improvements, such as the introduction of a third core data centre as well as upgrades to support the roll out of high speed HSPA+ broadband services.

The rolling out of new services and programs has also played its part, particularly in the enterprise segment where Wataniya's "WPro" corporate arm has started to capitalize on the currently underserved, but growing, "small businesses and home enterprise" market. In addition to this Wataniya Kuwait launched an exclusive program for its high-end customers called "The W's" which caters to the luxurious needs of high-spenders.

Wataniya has always been able to understand the needs of the market and responds to the changes in the customers' lifestyle by giving them products and offers that match their preferences. The new economical BlackBerry packages starting at KD 7 opened the world of smartphones to everyone. The Net-on-Phone service made the iPhone and androids even more convenient and customized.

Wataniya also offers over 50 exciting value added services to its wide customer base. In the end of 2010, Wataniya partnered with Universal Music, Melody and Mazzika to launch a music application via which people can download and listen to their favourite songs plus they can participate in contests to win concerts tickets and meet music icons. Since number portability has still not been introduced in Kuwait, Wataniya came up with a unique service called I-Move-To that makes switching to a Wataniya number easy and convenient for all potential customers. Through this service new subscribers can inform all their callers about their Wataniya number via voice prompts and SMS. Over and above these services there are many other exciting options that enhance communication experiences and add value to consumers' lives such as BlockU that helps customers to control their incoming calls and SMS by blocking unwanted numbers. There is Call Me Back Service to help customer reduce the cost on roaming calls while traveling. The Smart Roamer service offers reduced rates on internet roaming to name a few.

The Wataniya brand received a significant boost last year with a refreshed and enhanced brand identity. This brand development exercise was undertaken to refine the brand image, streamline business strategy and further differentiate the company from its competitors.  The revitalizedbrand was launched to great acclaim in June of 2010.

Wataniya's consistent development strategies have earned itseveral awards and appreciation from and the people of Kuwait.

  • For the second year consecutively, Wataniya Kuwait was honoured with the internationally coveted "Superbrand" status in recognition of its reputation and strength within the marketplace.

  • Wataniya also won the "CommsMEA Editors 2010 Award" for outstanding achievements and best practises in the telecom field with special awards for Wataniya's youth program Wink and VIP program The W's

  • Wataniya was further commemorated with the "Super Hero Award" for the best telecom operator in Kuwait and an "Honourable Mention Award" for Internet Service Provider in 2010.

  • Last but not the least Wataniya received the Best "Knowalk" Award for its superior performance and outstanding excellence in corporate social responsibility.

  • Wataniya Telecom continues to be recognised and awarded for its innovation, performance and customer experience in the telecom world. In June 2011, the Arabian Business Magazine have chosen the 17 top most companies of Kuwait as the best in their industry and honoured them with a trophy. The winners were selected based on their contribution and performance. In the telecom sector, Wataniya won the "Best Telecom Operator in Kuwait". Wataniya dedicates this prestigious award to all its customers and would like to thank them for their generous support and trust.

Wataniya's Social Responsibility

Wataniya also invested heavily in several corporate social responsibility campaigns throughout 2010. The biggest success was GiveKuwait. This was a social media campaign dedicated to Kuwait's 50th anniversary and it ran for eight weeks. The campaign gave people a chance to express their love for Kuwait by posting pictures, songs and videos on the GiveKuwait portal. 1.2 million people viewed and participated in this interactive online event.

Wataniya also launched an E-Waste campaign that encouraged people to dispose of their old phones and accessories in an environmentally friendly manner. By partnering with EnviroServe, the biggest e-waste management company in the Middle-East, Wataniya was able to create awareness about the hazards of electronic waste. To encourage participation, Wataniya organized a raffle draw and gave away exciting prizes.

Several other social responsibility initiatives were introduced throughout 2010 and they included the Ramadan Iftar event, scholarships were given away to encourage sports and education to various schools. Furthermore a press conference was organized to create awareness about Multiple Sclerosis and even a blood donation drive was planned.

Wataniya in the year ahead

Wataniya enters 2011 in a strong position, well placed to continue to meet the challenges and reap the rewards of operating in the highly dynamic Kuwaiti market.Competition remains high, but opportunities continue to exist in the shape of new segments and services.Wataniya will also focus on developing its Customer Experience initiative that will seek new and innovative ways to ensure smooth, hassle-free and friendly interactions. A specialized team will be developed and trained that will streamline business processes, record detailed customer feedback and find solutions to help Wataniya identify opportunities and build a company that is highly customer focussed.

Executive Quote

"We continue to demonstrate a clear sense of what drives our customers and we are proud of the strong position our revitalised brand occupies in Kuwait.  We have worked hard to earn this trust and loyalty, choosing to focus on what matters most to our customers: a high quality of service. Whatever the market challenges, we believe that this dedication to service will enable us to continue our progress in the year ahead."