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BP Kuwait Limited

13th Floor, Sahab Tower,
Salhiya, Kuwait City

Phone: +965 2240 3316
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BP In Kuwait

BP has a long relationship with Kuwait that goes back to the very foundation of the oil industry in this Middle Eastern nation

What we do

BP was one of the founders of the original Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), which first discovered oil at Burgan in February 1938. Years later, BP was the first oil company to be invited by the Kuwaiti Government to assist in the redevelopment of Kuwait's oil industry after the 1990 Iraqi invasion.

Today BP remains committed to supporting Kuwait in the oil and gas sphere. Our teams of technical specialists remain in KOC's offices in Ahmadi, assisting in the further development of the local oil industry. Since 1992 we have helped KOC to manage North and West Kuwait oil fields.

BP lubricants - represented through the BP, Castrol and Veedol brands - have long been established in the Kuwait, with a market share in excess of 20%. BP lubricants are distributed by Al Ghanim, Castrol by Al Fatooh while the Veedol brand is distributed by Al Babtain.

Our people and partners

BP works closely with KOC, providing a range of technical and consulting services through the secondment of technical specialists.

BP is also exploring business opportunities in Asia with Kuwait Petroleum International - Kuwait's overseas refining and marketing arm.

Community investment

Here in Kuwait we help to develop the talents and abilities of local employees and improve their technical and management skills. As part of this we have sponsored training programmes and technical visits to other BP locations. We also have ongoing teaching and mentoring programmes to help develop local employees at all levels and to transfer technical and management skills to KOC staff.

We support a number of community programmes, including Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyyah and lectures at the Kuwait Economic Society. We also support the BP Young Adventurers Programme, which takes teenagers in the Gulf region on weekends of learning and adventure to help build their self-awareness, develop their leadership skills, and make them more environmentally aware.